Our Products

De Dreu farms is CANADA GAP certified and uses state-of-the-art facilities that were designed to meet Canadian food-safety standards. We are committed to growing safe produce and have a traceability program in place for our customers in both Canada and the US.

All our vegetables are gently hand-picked, cooled quickly and stored at optimal temperatures to seal in freshness. We offer our customer great-tasting, nutrient dense vegetables with a long shelf-life due to our biological farming methods. We take care of our soil by doing regular soil nutrient testing, adding in natural fertilizers and reducing the use of sprays to ensure our local families and businesses have top quality vegetables.


We have many types of cabbages as well as some kale for our customers. We have a consistent supply of red and green winter cabbage all year round. Kale is available from July until early late October.

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To find out exactly when a specific vegetable is available throughout the season, please call the farm office at (519) 877-2372.

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Prices for vegetables fluctuate throughout the year depending on the season, so please call the farm office to find out the current prices. We offer our customers competitive prices for our products.


Thank you for supporting your local farmers and helping us preserve the planet one cabbage at a time.