Our Commitment

De Dreu farms is CANADA GAP certified and uses state-of-the-art facilities that were designed to meet Canadian food-safety standards. We are committed to growing safe produce and have a traceability program in place for our customers in both Canada and the US.

In addition to being food-safe, De Dreu Farms is committed to producing cabbage, broccoli and kale which is:

  • Great Tasting
  • Top Quality
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Sustainably Grown

Many customers comment on how sweet and great-tasting our vegetables are. This is because we discovered that the secret to growing great-tasting vegetables is a healthy, nutritionally balanced soil. We value the environment and aim to use sustainable farming practices to protect our soil health for future generations. We model our farming practices after the European agricultural methods of biological farming.


Biological farming uses methods of farming that produce high quality, nutritious produce without using large quantities of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified crops. Biological farming combines the best practices of organic farming to build soil health with “conventional” farming advances when necessary to maintain production levels and ensure top-quality vegetables are being produced for customers. Overall, this type of farming looks to optimizes outcomes in food nutrition while also improving ecosystem health. This way of farming reduces our reliance on pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers and genetically modified crops while improving the nutrient balance and microbial diversity of our soils.

Biological farming techniques that we use on the farm includes the use of:

  • Natural fertilizers – balances soil nutrients for sweet-tasting veggies
  • Biological sprays & fungicides – to reduce pesticide load of the vegetables
  • Crop rotations – to prevent us from stripping the soil of the same nutrients
  • Cover crops – increase organic matter in soil & make more nutrients available
  • Crop scouting – field pest analysis to prevent unnecessary pesticide spraying
  • Soil nutrient testing – to help us balance the soil for optimal vegetable health

Throughout our years farming, we have noticed that a well-balanced soil tends to grow fewer weeds and harbour fewer pests, limiting the amount of chemical sprays we need to use on the vegetables. A healthy soil also reduces nutrient deficiency signs in the vegetables, increasing the quality and shelf life of our vegetables for customers. The great nutrient content of our soils, and consequently our vegetables, is our secret to producing vegetables which taste so great for local families, restaurants and businesses.

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