De Dreu Artisanal Chicken

Welcome! Here at De Dreu Artisanal Chicken we pride ourselves on ethically raising chickens where they are meant to be — on the pasture. Since we are government certified by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO), we are licensed to sell fresh, nutritious chicken straight from the pasture!

Limited supply for the 2023 year

Please Call ahead so we can have your chicken and bill ready!

We will contact you when the order is ready for pick-up or delivery. We have very limited supply so contact us early!

About Us

Jesse de Dreu, Owner

We receive our chicks only a day old from a Government Certified Hatchery and give them access to the pasture within their first few weeks (sometimes days weather permitting)! We can achieve this with our portable chicken coops that are moved around a 3-acre pasture while providing an ideal living environment that is safe and secure.

The coop is enclosed, sheltering the chickens from the harsh weather while still allowing access to fresh grass and insects.

We seed our pasture with a custom mix that consists of clover, millet and various grasses to encourage the chickens to forage for leafy greens, insects, worms and a variety of bugs! This provides our chickens with a healthier diet and a wider variety of nutrients that they would miss out on otherwise!

Our product is Government Inspected and prepared by a licensed Abattoir.

To check out more about our operation here.

Pre-Order to Reserve Your Chicken

Ordering ahead makes it easy for us to provide you with all the fresh pasture-raised chicken you want, while also allowing us to tailor our final product to your needs. We have an assortment of chicken available — whole chickens, boneless chicken breasts and a variety of other options. See below to see what we have available for purchase. Payment is due upon delivery.

Fresh chicken is available by request when a new batch is processed. The remaining chicken is frozen to preserve freshness. Pre-order today to reserve some fresh, grass-fed chicken for the next season! We will contact you to arrange pickup/delivery details.

Where to Buy

  • De Dreu Farms- 263243 Prouse Road, Mount Elgin
  • Delivery available

De Dreu Artisanal Price List

  • Whole Chicken- $4.25/lb
  • Soup Bones (1/pkg)- $2.00 EA

Note: Whole Birds finish at an average of 5-7lbs.

7% Discount available on Orders over $300!